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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Edition

For your weekend reading a selection of links from the blogsphere and beyond:
  • Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory picks up the pieces after a catastrophic storm. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Scientists from the New York Botanical Garden are cataloging orchids in the Choco region of the Colombian rainforest. Paola Pedraza, assistant Curator of the Institute of Systematic Botany, writes about her recent expedition to Las Orquideas National Park. Their convoy of 17 mules negotiates treacherous mountain trails in one of the wettest places on earth.    [New York Times] 
  • Patrick Dougherty's strange and beautiful installation at Dumbarton Oaks is reviewed at the blog, enclos*ure. [enclos*ure]
  • ABG's Mark Mandica does a very popular 11 am frog feeding in the Lobby of the Fuqua Conservatory every weekend. Read more about Marks' work at ABG's frog blog. [The Frog Pod Blog]


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