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Monday, November 7, 2011

Previews and Openings

Dendrobium glomeratum in the Orchid Display House
I'm nominating Dendrobium glomeratum, along with Dendrobium dearei and Dendrobium unicolor, in the category Most Dependable Flowering Orchid. Our plants flower almost continuously.

Laelia anceps variety in the Orchid Display House

Maxillaria sophronitis cloaking a tree stump in the Tropical High Elevation House
Mat-forming orchids like Maxillaria sophronitis are terrifically useful as an element in a tropical landscape. I've taken many divisions from our hanging basket and pinned them to different vertical surfaces.

Coelogyne mooreana in the Tropical High Elevation House
Four of these Coelogyne flowering simultaneously are producing a wonderful lemony-vanilla fragrance int the Tropical High Elevation House.
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