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Thursday, January 24, 2013

What We Did to All Those Lovely Shoes

Just a tiny word of warning. If you really love fashion, fashion shoes in particular, if the photo above quickens your pulse, then you will probably want to read this post sitting down. Because what we did to all of these lovely shoes for ORCHIDdaze: Surreal Beauty is provoking a storm of sartorial outrage by some and is being called a desecration by others...

There. Do you like it? What was once a shoe, is now a planter. Waterproofed. And with drainage holes. I heart my cordless drill. Even more exciting than the 30 pairs of shoes we received, is our spanking new Lithium ion cordless drill. But I digress. The take home message here is that all orchid pots need drainage holes.

See the water pouring out the bottom?

Behold the finished product. These are actually test shoes--you can see that we've noted the date and the waterproofing product with a sharpie on the side of the shoe. The orchids were wrapped in sphagnum and strapped into the shoe. We used reindeer moss (lichen) as a decorative top dressing. Obviously, these planters aren't meant to last a really long time--just ten weeks.

ORCHIDdaze opens Saturday February 9. I hope you will stop by!


  1. I’m not a fan of high heeled shoes but this idea is really unique. I’m sure that ladies who love wearing high heels will buy crafts like this for display.



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