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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Grow Cymbidium

Light Bright to very bright.
Temperature Cymbidiums grow best in cool temperatures--night temperatures between 50 and 55º.
Water Water thoroughly when the top 1" of medium is lighter in color.
Fertilizer 1/2 strength every 2 weeks during spring and summer.
Rest Period No pronounced dormancy.
Growing Medium An easy semi-terrestrial mix can be created by adding peatmoss to the classic orchid mix of fir bark+charcoal+perlite.
When to Repot After flowering.
How Often to Repot When the plant has outgrown its pot OR when the medium has broken down. A good quality medium will last about two years.
How to Rebloom Growers in the deep South may succeed in reblooming their Cymbidium by leaving it outdoors in autumn until the temperature approaches 40º.


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