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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pescatorea lehmannii

This is one of the most beautiful orchids in our collection. And if that weren't enough, it is also one of the most deliciously fragrant --like Lemonheads, with a hint of vanilla (sorry, I'm not a fragrance chemist). If I were making a 'top 10 fragrant orchids' list, Pescatorea lehmannii would certainly be near the top.

Among pescatoreas this species is instantly recognizeable by the white lines radiating from the center of the flower and the long stiff hairs on the the lip. Pescatorea lehmanni grows in very humid wet forests in Colombia and Ecuador at approx. 1000 to 1500 meters elevation.

We grow our pescatoreas in our warm greenhouse (64º night minimum) next to the wet wall (subtract 5º from the daytime high of 82º) on a bench immediately adjacent to our propagation zone which receives a near constant blanket of fog from a high pressure fogging system.

There is a fair amount of color variation within P. lehmanni, but this plant, given to us by Dr Mark Whitten, is exceptional.

And speaking of exceptional, Linus (aka Little Man), the kitten we found in the Garden three weeks ago, is thriving. He is now officially the handsomest boy in the world.

Linus (aka Monster Boy) is working hard at mastering the kittenly arts of stalking, chasing and bunny kicking. He excels at all three. As Hilary Alexander put it, 'This is definitely a superior kitten.'

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  1. How sad that the man that discovered this and several other Orchids no only in Colombia , Ecuador ... is nameless....
    many people admire this and many other Orchids or any other flowers
    but don't know how lucky they are been able to use their senses to enjoy: the beauty >eyes, smell >nose, feel if allowed to touch...
    to name a few of
    Frederich carl lehmann goldchmidt.... "lehmannii)
    pescatoria lehmannii,rchb.f.., cattleya lehmannii
    dracula lehmanniana luer& escobar
    masdevallia lehmannii rchb,f
    Oliveriana lehmannii
    odontoglosum lehmannii,
    catasetum lehmannii
    chrysocynis lehmannii
    dichaea lehmmannii


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