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Monday, October 19, 2015

Stanhopea embreei

Our Stanhopea embreei produces some impressive flowers -carrot colored and nearly four inches across. The inflorescence is magnificent. And the fragrance is pure methyl cinnamate -like fresh strawberries. S. embreei has almost the same fragrance as two closely related species, S. jenischiana and S. frymirei, with whom it shares a pollinator. The three species are separated by geography and elevation, according to Rudolf Jenny in his Stanhopea monograph in the journal Casesiana.

The lip and column after the petals and sepals have been removed
Lip minus column. The hypochile (top of the hourglass) is broader in embreei than in jenichiana
The ventral surface of the lip
The column has broad wings
Stanhopea embreei grows as an epiphyte at intermediate elevations on the western slopes of the Andes in Ecuador and Peru.


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