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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome 2016

Christmas Day and New Year's Day have a unique feeling of solitude and tranquility here, at least for our staff. They are the only regular days when we are closed during the daylight hours, and therefore the only time when we aren't rushing to finish watering and clean up by 9 am. It allows us (the handful of horticulturists on watering duty) the luxury of pausing to relax in our surroundings. Here are a few things that caught my eye on New Year's Day.
Laelia anceps growing on rocks in the Mexico bed
The enormous (three foot) leaves of Anthurium warocqueanum
A random spattering of spots on the dorsal sepal of Paphiopedilum exul
Begonia bipinnatifida with wonderfully dissected leaves
The lovely pink pouches of Phragmipedium Cape Sunset
Phragmipedium schlimii and P. besseae flowering on the waterfall in the Tropical High Elevation House
Cavendishia micayensis (a tropical blueberry) flowering next to the striped leaves of Vriesea splendens
Jason Ligon watering the Tropical High Elevation House on New Year's Day
The Phalaenopsis Blast in the Orchid Display House
Have a wonderful new year! Garden Lights Holiday Nights runs every night through January 10, but there is plenty to see during the daytime, too. Come and relax in the warmth of the Fuqua Conservatory and the Fuqua Orchid Center!

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