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The Fuqua Orchid Center has 16,000 square feet of greenhouse space. The greenhouse areas include three public display areas:
  • The Orchid Atrium, space for events and changing seasonal displays
  • Display House
  • Tropical High Elevation House
and two support greenhouses which are closed to the public:
  • Conservation Greenhouse, housing plants for ABG’s conservation programs
  • Orchid Back-up Greenhouse

The greenhouse vents are designed to allow the roof to open completely to the sky, permitting good air circulation and rapid release of warm air. The greenhouses are heated by hot water and cooled by a greenhouse fan-pad cooling system. Extra humidity is supplied by a high pressure fog system. Different temperature and humidity parameters are maintained in each greenhouse, facilitated by Q-Comm greenhouse software that maintains environmental parameters we specify. In addition to these systems, the Tropical High Elevation House has a specialized cooling system called an air washer that is found in no other greenhouse in the world. It allows cultivation of  cool growing montane species that would otherwise be impossible to grow in the Southeastern U.S.

Other components of the Fuqua Orchid Center include :
  • Micropropagation laboratory 
  • Orchid Reference Library containing non-circulating materials;open by appointment only 
  • Georgia Pacific Classroom, a meeting and classroom space
  • Art Gallery

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