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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pod Cast

Pollinating Phalaenopsis violacea
You may already be familiar with this cast of characters, but do you recognize them five months into gestation?

and five months later
Pescatorea lehmannii
An orchid fruit or "pod" is more correctly called a capsule.
Promenaea rollisoni
Notice the remains of the flower at the far end of the capsule.
Phalaenopsis violacea, Sumatran form
The information relevant to each cross is recorded in three locations: on a vinyl label, on a paper form and on an Excel spreadsheet accessible on our computer network.
Laelia purpurata
A piece of pink flagging tape helps us find the capsule among all the plants in our greenhouses.
Bollea coelestis
Dendrobium dearei
Compare the size of the swollen ovary of the pollinated flower to that of the adjacent flower.
Dendrobium uniflorum
Pleurothallis titan with open capsule
An orchid capsule can take anywhere from one to six months or more to ripen. We look forward to seeing these orchids in our lab!

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