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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

At last, Dendrobium anosmum

And, finally, the big payoff: our one hundred Dendrobium anosmum are flowering. Spectacularly.

Remember these guys? We purchased them last summer out of bloom for cheap knowing that they make an easy and awesome spring display when treated correctly. Right after the holidays we moved them to our cool greenhouse for a six week cool (53┬║ nights) dry (water every 10 days) rest. By the end of March they had shed most of their leaves and the bare canes had big fat buds at every node.

Here they are on April 1, a little scruffy with a few yellow leaves still clinging to the canes, but not a big deal to clean up for display.

Very handsome. The flowers and sepals are covered with soft downy hairs.

And they smell terrific. Intensely sweet with maybe a hint of grape. Catch them on display in the Orchid Display House!


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