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Monday, August 12, 2013

We Get Big

Not all of our Grammatophyllums are super sized. We have quite a few junior sized plants, like this Grammatophyllum scriptum f. citrinum in our back up greenhouse. And by junior sized, I mean fifteen pound plants producing four foot spikes. Grammatophyllums get big.

Grammatophyllums are easy to grow if you have very bright light, a warm to hot greenhouse, and, naturally, lots of space. We grow ours on top of the cedar pergola in the Orchid Display House where they can bask. In the backup, they grow alongside the heat loving Brazilian Laelias.

During the growing season, a Grammatophyllum produces an abundance of upward growing spear-like trash basket roots that trap nutritious organic matter. The grower in me lives for this. To me, the production of a bumper crop of these amazing roots is every bit as gratifying as a flush of flower spikes.


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