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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Morning in the Orchid Center

We rotate weekend watering and it's generally a mad two hour rush to finish before the doors open at 9 am, so there's not much time for picture taking. This morning, however, I was determined, and grabbed my camera while the ponds were filling. Of course the laelias had to have their pictures taken first.

A flush of flowers and new shoots on Lycaste consobrina glowed in the early light. They are growing nicely in the crevices of rocks in our Mexico bed.

Paphiopedilulm superbiens has an enormous plum colored pouch that makes the petals look small by comparison.

One of our best kept secrets: Ionbulbon munificum. If the flowers aren't cool enough for you, check out the shaggy pseudoboulbs.

That long fringe of fibers just slays me. I'm completely smitten with this plant.

The acinetas are still coming on strong. They are beautiful, though none has a fragrance that can match the sweetest of the stanhopeas. Acineta mireyae looked lovely with a backdrop of glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly.

A cloud of Oncidium phymatochilum flowers floated above the pathway. We have about 50 seedling offspring of this plant approaching flowering size in the back up greenhouses. They will make a nice show next summer.

The (unsprung!) trigger hair in the center of the Catasetum expansum flower was ready for action. The flowers have a fragrance that no perfumer will ever bottle: dill pickles and spearmint.

June is a terrific month to visit the Fuqua Orchid Center. Stop by and see us!


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