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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Orchid Daze 2018

Spring is in full swing in Atlanta and nowhere is that more evident than here at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where Orchid Daze 2018 and Atlanta Blooms are running concurrently. If your life seems flower deficient, the remedy is right here!

Pansy Orchids and Moth Orchids in the Fuqua Conservatory Lobby

Pansy Orchid (Miltoniopsis)

Arches of  Dancing Lady Orchids (Odontocidium

The Orchid Atrium of the Fuqua Orchid Center

A towering display of orchids and carnivorous plants in the Orchid Atrium

Dtps. Surf Song 'Kumquat'

Nepenthes Ventrata (alata x ventricosa) on the vertical walls in the Orchid Atrium

Vanda hybrids on hanging geometric forms in the Orchid Display House

Come see Orchid Daze 2018! The show runs through April 8.


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