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Thursday, March 8, 2018

What's New?

Stanhopea wardii ABG 19901441
Hello there! It's great to see you again. I hope you all are doing well. I took a bit of time off from blogging in order to heed the siren call of some other big projects here, but it's time for some new posts! There's been no shortage of activity here -a storm of repotting, renovation, propagation, a new seedling distribution program, two major displays, DNA barcoding -all exciting stuff, and more about that soon.

One of the most exciting developments of the last few months is that we have applied for and been recognized by the American Public Gardens Association as holders of Nationally Accredited Stanhopea and Gongora collections. This involved a whirlwind of prep work -inventorying, gathering statistics, writing, updating records, last minute repotting and greenhouse clean up - leading up to the all-important site review by my esteemed colleague Nick Snakenberg from Denver Botanic Garden. It was actually huge fun, but it's still a nail biter having your collections inspected.

Well, we passed muster and our Stanhopea and Gongora are now in the club of Nationally Accredited collections belonging to the Plant Collections Network. Woo hoo! Together they are one of just three nationally accredited greenhouse collections in the United States. They join Sarracenia, Acer and Magnolia as accredited collections at ABG. You can find the other nationally accredited collections at other public gardens here. It's great to see you again. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more posts!


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