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Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Summer Tour

Good morning! Ready for an early walk through the Fuqua Orchid Center? Those of you who are buckling under the summer heat can head straight to the High Elevation House to cool off. Everyone else, follow me. As we enter the Orchid Atrium you can see our wonderful new collection of Italian terracotta containers, donated this spring by Hill Street Warehouse. (Thank you, Hill Street!) As a centerpiece for the tall pots I chose some magnificent Grammatophyllum 'Broga Tiger' with 4' spikes of leopard-spotted flowers. Their soft olive hue is nicely complemented by the arching pink Phalaenopsis. On the trellis in the background, Wilsonara Space Mine 'Red Rendezvous'.
In the Orchid Display House, hybrid cattleyas appear under a bower of dainty Oncidium phymatochilum flowers.
Above the Reflection Pond are hybrid Vanda orchids. The indigo hybrids must be the most photographed of all of our orchids. The vandas, at least, are loving the summer suana that is Atlanta.
Be sure to stop and linger over the ultra sweet fragrance of Encyclia cordigera.
A closer look at Encyclia cordigera reveals a skirt-like lip of rich magenta. Notice, also the plum colored ribbons that are the petals and sepals. They look like they've been curled with a pair of scissors. We grow our plants bright and dry in a warm greenhouse. E. cordigera grows as an epiphyte at low elevations, often in dry scrubby habitats, in Mexico and Central America.
Another plant thriving and flowering in summer is Phalaenpsis bellina. The flowers are well-known for their delicious fragrance -like a summer smoothie with citrus and vanilla. Welcome, summer!
And don't forget, if you can't make it early, we are open until 9:30 every Thursday night through September for Cocktails in the Garden.


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