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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Surreal Landscape Emerges

We are now three weeks into Orchid Daze (opening February 9!) installation. We are in the construction phase, in which various awesomely talented artisans--skilled in carpentry, metal-working, water-display and lighting--- go to work creating the Surreal Beauty landscape.

Meanwhile in the background we horticulturists maintain a holding pattern, unpacking Florida foliage, staking flower spikes and waiting our turn. I hover nearby like a hyper-aware air traffic controller, trying to think through every possible contingency (what if our plant shipment freezes? what if we have too few Dendrobiums? or the wrong color Phrags? or if the fountain splashes and rots the plants? if the shoes are too small? or too heavy?), and hand wringing looking cool.

But I can't lie. Creating a surreal landscape is loads of fun.

I love this vehicle. If I dial 1-800 No Sweat will an Exhibits Crisis Therapist answer the phone?

Jason hangs the umbrellas and bowler hats. And he gets to drive the scissor lift. Check out the 18 warning signs on the lift.

Although you can't see him in this photo Tres Fromme, our designer, stands below directing the placement of every piece. Brilliant job, Tres!

Orchid Daze: Surreal Beauty opens Saturday February 9!


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