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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day

It is with a sigh that I report that Atlanta is bracing for its second ice storm in two weeks. The effect of twelve hours of freezing rain on Atlanta's ubiquitous weak-limbed Loblolly pines is to virtually assure that we will be without electricity for who knows how long. It's a familiar but grim experience for us. So this morning I got up at three thirty in order to at least shower and make coffee before the inevitable.

Nevertheless, at dawn Ron Determann and I will drive to the Garden in order to water the plants in the greenhouses.* Ron is Dutch, and ice is to him as a red flag is to a bull. He will charge forward in his Subaru, ice be damned. I'm riding with him, but I'm leaving my camera equipment at home. I don't relish the idea of possibly hiking home with 25 lbs of gear on my back. So Orchid Daze pictures will have to wait.

Instead, let's stop and admire the Paphs in our collection, which I photographed in January, and which are flowering now after a blissful summer of mild weather. Snow days in the greenhouse are actually quite peaceful, and, if you can forget what awaits at home, relaxing.

See you when the power comes back on.

*All of our greenhouses (unlike our homes) have back up generators to supply electricity when the power goes down. Shows you where our priorities lie.


  1. I drool every time I receive your posts. The pictures are gorgeous and so are the Paph's. Good luck tonight getting home to hopefully lights, heat, etc.

  2. Thanks, Bob! I hope you are in a warm place tonight, too. The roads weren't too bad by afternoon. Reasonably good traction. I'm so grateful to not be dining by flashlight tonight in a cold house. My best wishes to the 200,000 who are!


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